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" Building a team around yourself, a support structure is not only essential in life, but in business as well. Throughout life you will no doubt suffer loss, grief, or some sort of tragedy. But with the right supporting team around you, pulling you through, building you back up, you can overcome, conquer, and break through once again. This team may be your family, friends, church, or community. Typically we subconsciously build a "team" around us that make us feel good, welcomed, and accepted. This should be no different in the business world. "

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Could you see yourself making at least $20/hour for a year, and then quitting work forever!

This kind of income would most likely be a breakthrough on what you’re making right now from your Internet business, if you have one, so I’m sure you’re interested in what I have to say!

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How much more money could your business make if you were personally coached by some of the most successful Internet and network marketers of today on how to literally explode your online profits?

With Total Marketing Live, the possibilities are endless…

Here’s some of what you receive from Total Marketing Live:

Marketing Education:

  • Access to eLearning courses about psychological marketing tactics, copywriting, search engine marketing, traffic exchange marketing, safelist marketing, banner advertising, ezine advertising, email marketing, offline advertising, and so much more!

  • Live voice training twice per week with Internet marketing experts so you can ask those burning questions you’ve been dying to ask to learn how to make some real money from the Internet or greatly expand on what you are already making!

  • Access to marketing forums to ask these questions and interact with marketing experts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

  • Marketing resources like you’ve never seen before.  Including huge lists on exactly where to go for marketing in search engines, traffic exchanges, safelists, banner exchanges, ezine advertising, pop advertising, leads, auto-responders, offline marketing and more!

Home Business Education:

  • Access to home business education eLearning courses to help bring you up to speed on how to intelligently and effectively carry out the day to day operations of running a home business.
  • Access to home business education forums where you can interact with other TML members and experts to get all your home business operation questions answered.
  • Business and financial resources section to help save you hundreds of hours of research and give you centralized access to all the resources you need to effectively operate your business.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity:

  • You will receive a unique opportunity to earn from selling subscriptions to Total Marketing Live via your very own high converting web site, just like this one.
  • Get compensated for the subscriptions you sell through the industries leading compensation plan.
  • A streamlined lead generation and follow-up auto-responder system specifically tailored for Total Marketing Live affiliates, which enables you to gather prospects and follow-up with them 24/7 without lifting a finger!
  • Pre-Made banner ads, email sales letters and auto-responder series to give you a quickstart "business in a

As you can see, Total Marketing Live is the ultimate Internet marketing resource and training center ever devised.

It’s been declared as hands-down the best place to be if you want to be successful with an Internet business.

Even Mike Glaspie, Internet marketing millionaire, loved Total Marketing Live so much, he decided to partner with them and purchase a stake of the company.

What better way to earn money from an affiliate program than by marketing a product millions want and getting paid handsomely for it!

After all, you get handed $20 per referral you recruit!  This is how you can easily be among the thousands making a cool $20 per hour at least from their recruiting efforts!

Plus, after the initial $20 bonus and possible Platinum Performance Bonuses, you will also begin to make unlimited potential income from Infinite Regenerating 3x3 forced matrix commissions!

This is why Total Marketing Live is being flooded by people wanting to be part of this amazing affiliate program, which rivals and obliterates the competition!  You can finally market an affiliate program you will make money from!  No more failures and discouragements!

And, if you join now, you can get in before the huge company wide marketing blasts to millions of prospects!  Now’s certainly the time to act!

To top all this off, Total Marketing Live will even give you a 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!  You can’t beat risk free!

So let’s review the offer at hand:

-          Easily begin making at least $20/hour and thousands of dollars per month from the most intuitive compensation plan in history.

-          Learn how to make those thousands from the hands-down best marketing training and resource center ever assembled.

-          Be part of this all risk free!

Just listen to what one affiliate actually said in live training one night, “I just want to thank everyone here. I have been trying to market on the web for 2 years and have learned much more over the last 4 weeks than I did in those 2 years. GET YOUR DOWNLINES HERE. They will thank you for it.”

I know your choice is simple, like the choice of the thousands of others who’ve embraced Total Marketing Live and LOVE it!

100% Risk-Free Opportunity like this knocks but once!

All the best,

Peter Johansson
Founder and Owner of CashTeam International.



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